What’s new, and what’s coming!

If you’re reading this, you already know the Semper Press website is up, running and open to submissions! We hope you’ll take the time to look around a bit and tell us what you think about our little corner of the Internet.

We’re very excited to report that our IndieGoGo campaign is starting to see great results. We are hopeful that we will meet our funding goals with time to spare as more people start noticing what Semper is up to. With one Slush-Pile Angel already signed up, we’re on our way to doing something really, really big here!

The website’s address will not remain “at WordPress for long.” We are actively working to get our domain name registered and set up a premium site, so the endgame is that you will auto-connect to semperpress.com. With a little luck we’ll have that taken care of in about two weeks, so don’t panic that we went the cheap route to get this thing off the ground. We take our work and our authors very seriously, and we want to make sure every facet of our business reflects that.

In the meantime, we welcome your feedback, comments and submissions, so be sure to contact us! Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to hearing from you!


J.S. Wayne

Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder, Semper Press


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