For A Cup Of Coffee…

What does $5 look like to most people?

A venti mocha frappuccino at Starbucks will set you back right around $5 most places, give or take state and local sales tax. With our caffeinated ways and societal coffee addiction, most people don’t consider this a luxury, but a necessity. (Hey, I get it. I’m right there with you! A day without caffeine for me is a day that I’m a bona fide danger to public safety.) A fast-food breakfast with sandwich, hash browns and drink runs just about that much. Most places, you spend more than that if, like me, you’re hopelessly addicted to cigarettes or dip.

Here’s what $5 looks like to Semper Press.

For the price of a single cup of specialty Starbucks coffee, you could help us:

  • Pay our editorial staff and cover artists a living salary
  • Pay for web hosting for our permanent website
  • Provide valuable internship opportunities that otherwise don’t exist to college students who are interested in the art, craft and business of writing
  • Promote and advance our authors’ efforts to place their books in front of readers
  • Obtain more funding from investors, banks and other sources
  • Retain legal and accounting services to stay on the right side of the law and protect our authors’ rights to their intellectual property

And that’s just for the price of a cup of coffee.

Let’s get really crazy and imagine what you can do for $10. $20. Even $100! Better still, don’t imagine it. Check out our Indiegogo campaign and see the great perks we offer our contributors. (What, you thought we wanted something for nothing?!)

One person really can make a difference and help show the publishing industry that “Authors and readers deserve better!” Try switching to a fountain Mountain Dew for a day or two, and help us reach our crowdfunding goal so we can give our authors and readers the best product, the best support and the best reads e-publishing has to offer. We have just about everything in place that we need and are now open for submissions.

What we don’t have right now is YOU! We just reached the halfway point of our Indiegogo campaign…and we need your help.

Let’s show the publishing industry that it’s not crazy to give authors a better cut of their own work and readers a fair price for a good read. It’s crazy not to! Your contribution can help make this happen. So please, spread the word to your friends, family, fellow readers and any writers you know. Give the poor baristas at Starbucks a little less work to do today. Show the world that you, too, think “Authors and readers deserve better!”


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