Joshua Artist, Writer Signs With Startup Publisher Semper Press

***For Immediate Release***

September 9, 2015

Media Contact:

J.S. Wayne

Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder

Semper Press

Joshua, Texas—Semper Press announced Wednesday that local e-book cover artist and romance author Carey Abbott has contacted with the startup publisher as their Staff Cover Artist. Abbott, a veteran cover artist, is the owner of Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services, which facilitates virtual tours for authors seeking to promote their work. J.S. Wayne, the company’s self-described Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder, says having Abbott on the company roster is a huge coup.

“Carey has a very strong reputation in the industry as a freelance cover artist and blog tour organizer,” Wayne said Wednesday from the company’s St. George, Utah headquarters. “We are thrilled to have her aboard and believe her artistic and promotional talents will be a huge asset to Semper as we begin to market our company and authors across the Internet.”

Semper Press’s unconventional business model, which offers authors an industry-topping 65% royalties on gross profits, required someone equally unconventional and willing to take chances, Wayne said. “Carey’s ability to organize blog tours around New York Times-bestselling authors, her design skills and her willingness to step forward and take on more varied roles than many traditional cover artists typically would all combine to make her the obvious candidate for the job.” Abbott’s starting role in the company will primarily revolve around cover art creation, Wayne said, but she and the company have discussed the possibility of expanding her position as the company’s overall marketing strategist. “We’re confident that within a quarter, we’ll be in a position to revisit Carey’s position within the company and offer her a more stable permanent posting,” Wayne added.

The company is currently undergoing a first round of crowdfunding through in order to finance its initial operations. The crowdfunding campaign lasts through September 22nd, and funds generated from the campaign are earmarked to help pay for expenditures such as advertising and outreach to readers and authors, as well as the initial salaries of the editorial and artistic staff during the company’s start-up phase. Wayne says that despite this, he does not feel the decision to sign Abbott was premature.

“When you’re starting something as potentially disruptive as Semper, you have to be crazy enough to take chances that seem unthinkable,” said Wayne. “Carey sees this company having as much potential as I do, and at this stage her belief alone is worth an armored carload of money. I believe that with her vision and capacity for organization, this company’s going to do some very surprising things.”

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