Get Your Naughty On!

So, before we go too far, you should know that I’m taking the white gloves off and these posts WILL contain adult content. I’m an erotica writer. It’s what I do. I like to rev you up and get your sexually charged and amped up. Why? Because I’m Naughty Nadlee – that’s why. 😉

As your favorite Naughty Nadlee (I get to be your favorite because I also happen to be the only – to my knowledge, anyway.), it is most important to me that you understand I am a huge fan of safe sex – in every facet. I do not subscribe to, nor do I promote or encourage promiscuity. The human body is an art form, but the soul that dwells within is beyond measure and should never be sacrificed for any physical act. So, always – clean, safe, consensual, and contained.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to comment or do roll call to let me know you were here – but, more importantly, to let Semper Press know you were here so they don’t think I’m too over the top and kick me off the mic. Ready for some fun?

Oral sex Friday! Here we go! Ok! Let’s imagine…

You’re naked, lying on a bed. The sateen sheets beneath you almost feel like silk against your skin. The air around you has a crispness, causing goose bumps on your skin and your nipples to harden. There is a slight hint of a sweet scent, like a candy – maybe vanilla? Your legs are spread to allow for the person with that mouth that you just can’t get enough of. There is a rhythmic, warm breath drifting over your skin as the curled tip of a soft, warm tongue glides, ever so gently – tickling and teasing. You flinch when the tongue sweeps over a sensitive spot. The sensation excites you, and every nerve responds to the attention. It feels like some kind of pleasurable static as the tingles travel through your core like flashes of lightening.

Your breath quickens and your heart beats faster – you thrill to every tingling touch of this tongue. Your sex is swollen and aching. You raise yourself on your elbows and look down to see a primal desire in those eyes that are staring back at you. Those eyes reflect a want – a need – to satisfy you. That tongue slips past a wicked grin as it grazes your skin again. It is playful for the moment, only teasing and making you crave more. You want so much more.

You lift your hips, begging for that mouth to cover you – to consume you. Not yet! Your lover is having too much fun knowing they hold the key to everything you want. There’s a smile as your eyes lock. Your lover knows exactly what you want. And finally, they take mercy, quickly lowering their mouth on you. It is a quick flash of suction – like a sneak peek of the pleasure to come. Wet, soft and warm – it is enough for you to know you want more. You need more.

You feel teasing circles and caresses. The tongue brushes over your sex, again, this time with more pressure. It’s like a warm hug. It feels good. That’s more like it! Not that the soft caresses were bad. But, the tease has left an ache, a lust, a hunger that wants to be fed. You spread your legs wider and rake your fingers through your lover’s hair as the pressure and intensity increase. You gently buck your hips, encouraging and welcoming an oral assault on your anatomy. Fuck! You feel every little touch, every little wisp of breath – everything. Your very existence feels second to the sensations you feel between your legs as that soft tongue drags over your skin once again. Your swollen sex is cradled in the soft, tender warmth of the lips as the mouth begins sucking on your flesh. At first, it is gentle, but only for a moment. Your lover knows how to get you right where they want you. The suction increases, coming in waves as the tongue caresses you. You tangle your fingers in your lover’s hair, fighting the urge to pull their head down onto you. It feels amazing and you’re so in love with everything you feel in this moment.

You watch your lover’s head, moving back and forth, wanting nothing more than to please you. The stroking, petting, sucking and licking is paying off. You hear the heavy breath that matches your own. It turns you on to see how willing someone could be to please you. You feel like your body is about to rupture, you want to cum so damn bad. Then, you feel teeth graze you…And again.

You feel a hand beneath, fondling. Something about the hand and the mouth pleasuring you creates a ripple of sensations – all amazing in their own right. But, it is as though each sensation is sparring to be the one that pushes you over the edge. You feel it! You’re going to explode in the mouth of the beautiful person between your legs.

You warn them. “I’m going to cum!”

As though you screamed, “Harder,” you have now encouraged your lover, resulting in a moan and an animalistic frenzy to give you exactly what is needed to force your orgasm.

You draw a deep breath and hold it as that moment comes. Pulses of pleasure surge through your body, as you finally exhale – your exiting breath carrying some hummed sound of approval. You no longer have the ability to restrain yourself from pulling that head down onto you. It feels too good, and the gratification means too much to worry about manners. Your body is tense to the point that every muscle is taut, an involuntary primal response to the pleasure you feel. Your lover refuses to stop now, lapping up everything you’re giving. Then, as the ripples of ecstasy begin to slow and your body starts to relax, your lover moans, pleased with your response. Realizing they have done exactly what they wanted to do for you, your lover gives soft kisses and licks, helping to insure you make it back down to earth safely and that your pleasure lasts as long as possible. The tongue draws soft, teasing circles, massaging and caressing.

Isn’t that how all of this started?

What is my point with this post, you may be wondering? You probably noticed I wasn’t gender specific. Had I gone that route, I would’ve needed to write two posts this week. But, why would I need to do that? Essentially, men and women enjoy a lot of the same things during oral sex.

I was listening to “Cowboy” by Kid Rock one day and in the particular version I listened to, he said, “My only words of wisdom is – suck it!” For a minute, I wondered which gender he was sharing that “wisdom” for. Then, I realized that it really didn’t matter. It goes both ways.

So, anyway, back to my point with this particular post – this is very basic without a lot of fluff. Had I added too much fluff, we’d be back to needing two posts. Why separate the men from the ladies? At the core, we all want it the same way. So, as you go into your weekend, I hope I’ve planted naughty little seeds in your rows of plans. I hope something I wrote here has inspired you to go get your naughty on and to have some fun this weekend.

P.S. For those that need specific gender address – When men are “sucking it,” and the fingers go in, it’s just about impossible not to “react” to that. When women are “sucking it,” don’t forget the two friends that hang around with that dick all day. I’m not a man, so I have no idea how that feels. But, I’ve seen enough to know that they don’t seem to mind that one little bit.

We’ll do this again (only something entirely different) next Friday. Until then, stay naughty, my friends!


– Your Favorite –

Naughty Nadlee


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