Nadlee’s Confessions – Your Standing Friday Date With Kevin

Friday, again! We’re getting ready to head into a sexy weekend. So, let’s see if I can send you off right. Make me proud! Do everything I would do. šŸ˜‰

This week, my confession is that I like watching a man handle himself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to walk down the street and see some stranger, whacking away on his junk. Not what I mean! I’m talking about when you’re in a relationship with a guy. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s erotic when a man can let go and just get lost in the moment. In some way, every guy is different. You learn a lot about what your guy wants by watching how he satisfies himself. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hot as hell when I get to lay beneath a man while he strokes his cock. I like to talk to him and see him react to the things I say. I like it when he wants to cum so bad that he loses all inhibitions – not giving a fuck what anyone thinks – wild and unleashed. I like “real.” I like the wild, rawness that happens when desire takes over. To me, it is hot when a man shoots his load on my tits. I don’t like the idea of a facial. But, thankfully, that has never been an issue. So, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, my confessions usually relate to the theme of the story for the week. So, if you think I’m going to relate this confession to Kevin, you’re probably right. Ready? Let’s do this!

I told you about how I was “Porn Star Dancing” for a sleeping man. That was a lot of fun when Kevin woke up. I decided to have a little fun with that.

The sun poured through the window. I sat in my favorite Victorian chair with my feet on the ottoman, my laptop across my legs, writing. Kevin squirmed a little, stretching as he started to wake up. I glanced over at the bed. He lay on his stomach, moving his foot as he began to come to life. He lifted his head off of the pillow, squinting one eye as he looked around the room. His eyes connected with mine and he smiled. His hair was a little wilder than normal. It was cute. His body rolled toward me and he groaned as he stretched.

“Get over here,” he grumbled as he stretched. “Right now!”

It was a playful suggestion, rather than an order. I put my laptop on the ottoman and went to the edge of the bed, leaning over and kissing his lips. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down on him.

“Am I keeping you from something?”

“Just writing,” I smiled.

“Ew! Glad I could save you. That sounds terribly boring. I can think of something more fun.

“Really? About as much fun as watching me dance?” I teased.

He could tell from my tone that there was something to my question. You could hear the brakes locking up as he thought about my question for a second. He brushed his finger over his jaw until he came up with a safe response.

“Dance? I want to watch you dance,” he smiled.

“Last time I danced for you, you fell asleep on me.”

“Uh…” His eyes shifted around the room before they locked on mine. He drew a deep breath, slowly exhaling. “I don’t seem to have a memory of falling asleep while you were dancing.”

The look on his face was too fun to just let it go. I told him that I was dancing for him and it must’ve been boring because he fell asleep on me. He started stuttering and scrambling to sit up in the bed. He dragged his hand down his face, trying to blink the sleep out of his eyes.

“No! H-hold on. I d-d-don’t know what you’re talking about. I wouldn’t – wouldn’t go to sleep on you. I-I-I wouldn’t do that. Do it again. Dance again. I won’t go to sleep. I don’t know what this is. W-when did I go to sleep while you were dancing?”

He was so confused and he was frustrated with himself. The gig was up. I told him the real story. He fell back on the pillows and covered his eyes.

“I knew you were crazy. I wouldn’t fall asleep while you were dancing, I don’t care how tired I am. That will never happen. But, I was getting upset because I thought you were confusing me with someone else. I wasn’t ready for that. That was really mean. I’m going back to sleep. I don’t care for your attitude,” he teased.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes! I was going to have wake up sex with you, but you scared me so bad my dick went limp. That mood for wake up sex left pretty quick.”

“I’m sorry,” I laughed.

“If my cock will ever get hard around you again, I don’t want to hear any crying when I tear that pussy up. You’re in big trouble, now. You crashed my erector set. You’re gonna get it.” He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me onto him, again. “We should go find some breakfast before I start thinking about you riding me and I get hard again.”

“Breakfast? Kev, it’s almost six o’clock. It’s dinner time.”

“You know what else? I don’t care for your tone,” he chuckled. “I know where I can get breakfast anytime I want it. So, now what?”

After we bantered back and forth a few more minutes, he got up and got ready to go out into the world. Our friend, Lynzee, called while we were driving and in the blink of an eye, our plans changed. Lynzee promised to make breakfast for Kevin if we would stop by their block party.

It was fun! I had kept Lynzee updated on the developing relationship between Kevin and I. Somehow, her getting to see it for herself made her so much happier. Kevin and I sat side-by-side, holding hands and sharing sweet, loving kisses. We both welcomed the teasing and joking that came from our friends. We were all happy with the situation, so it was all in good fun.

As we always did, the men split off into a group. Then, us ladies were huddled in our own group. I was listening to some of Lynzee’s neighbors talking about their kids and the school down the street. It was all I could do to not fall flat on my face, sound asleep, out of boredom. Then, I woke up pretty quick when I heard Kevin’s voice, whispering in my ear.

“I’ve been staring at your ass and my cock is about to explode. I want to fuck you.”

Like it had never happened, when I looked over my shoulder, he was already sauntering back toward the other guys. He lit a fire in me and I felt my panties dampening. I stared at him until his eyes met mine. He had a cocky smirk on his face. He knew he had just set me on fire.

So, two could play that game. I convinced the girls that we needed music so we could dance. If Kevin was going to stare at my ass, the least I could do was give him something to watch.

We had some pretty good grooves pumping. We were dancing and having fun. The guys would glance at us every now and then. But, for the most part, they were too involved in their own conversation to pay attention to us…except Kevin. He was watching. He made excuses to come talk to me – a trip to the bathroom – for the tenth time, or a need for another bottle of water, or anything that would give him a reason to pass by me and share his thoughts.

Finally, we had fulfilled our friendly obligation. We had stayed long enough to leave without seeming rude. So, Kevin blabbed about having to work. I came with him, so I had to leave because he was. And, honestly, there wasn’t a person at that block party that didn’t see right through our shallow excuses.

In truth, Kevin really did have to work at midnight. So, he really didn’t have a lot of time. It was already almost nine. I had every intention of getting what I could, while I could. I am not ashamed. He started it. Plus, I admitted that I wanted to use him up before he left me for the night. He wasn’t upset about it. We teased each other in the car on the way back.

When we got to my house, the door had barely closed before we were all over each other. He was wound up and he needed my body just as much as I needed his. We tore our clothes off, getting them out of the way. He spun me around and bent me over the back of my sofa. It was this intense, passionate, primal heat that was enveloping us.

Kevin’s mouth moved over my shoulder, kissing, sucking and gently biting at my skin. I heard that familiar tearing sound as he opened the package for the condom. I felt his hand between us as he rolled the rubber over his cock. His breath rushed across my shoulder as his hand went between my legs.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he breathed.

“See what you do to me?”

“Want me to show you what you do to me?”

“Yes,” I smiled over my shoulder. “Show me.”

He rubbed his cock against my dripping wet pussy a few times before he sank it inside me. With a hard, fast thrust, he rammed his cock in as deep as he could go. He gripped my hips, pulling me back into him. His hands slid down my hips, to the tops of my thighs. He pulled my legs apart a little more, as he pinned me to the back of the sofa with his body. When his hands traveled back up to my hips, he started pumping his cock in and out as fast as he could. His thrusts slowed as he ripped back on my hips, drilling his cock in deeper and harder. I gasped, responding to the sudden forceful thrust. He backed his cock out and slammed it in again. A moan escaped from my throat. Again, he pounded his cock into me. He splayed his hand across my lower back, sliding it all the way up between my shoulder blades, gripping a handful of my hair. He gently pulled to the side, turning my head so that he could see my face. He rammed his hips toward me again. I slowly closed my eyes as the pleasure rippled through my body.

“I love the way your cock feels when you do that.”

He pulled his hips back. “What? This?” He slammed his hips forward again.

“Yes!” I breathed.

“Fuck! Oh, yeah!”

He released my hair and gripped both of my hips. He started pounding my pussy with quick, hard thrusts. He had a rhythm and when he pressed his cock into me, he tilted his hips upward. Something about the way his body moved, the way his cock filled me, and the noises he made sent me spiraling toward that moment I craved.

My pussy tightened around his cock and that seemed to feel good to him, based on the fact that he started talking to me. The things he said got me even closer than I already was. The tone of his voice was thrilling.

“Come on, baby,” he growled. “Fuck! Cum for me.”

It was so animalistic and naughty, the way he fucked me. I felt a heat racing up and down my thighs. My pussy started pulsing, milking his cock. He pressed his hips into me, driving in deep as he tilted his hips upward. He held his position for a second, his breath had stopped.

“Mmmm…” he moaned as he exhaled. “Oh, yeah, baby!”

His hard pounding movements had slowed to short, deep thrusts. As he came, his strong hands held my hips. When we had finished, he leaned his body down on mine, kissing my back and my shoulders as his arms hugged around my waist.

He slowly withdrew his cock and I stood, turning to face him. He smiled at me as he gathered my hair at the base of my neck. His lips pressed to mine as I returned his smile.

“You look like a woman that wants to lay down and let me do dirty things to her.”

I giggled. “Oh, really? What kind of dirty things?”

He made lewd gestures with his tongue. “Let me eat your pussy.”

“How do you do that? You say one simple sentence and there’s a flood between my legs.”

“Go lay on your bed. I have to deal with something. Then, I’m going to drive you crazy.”

“You already do that.”

“Heh! Not like this.”

I went in the bedroom and crawled into the middle of my bed. Within a few minutes, Kevin came strolling through the door with a devious, cocky grin plastered on his face. He stood at the foot of the bed, staring down at me. I had crossed my legs, as I lay naked on the bed. He chuckled and pointed to my legs.

“I’m not that good. You’re going to have to open your legs a little, at least.”

I laughed as I spread my legs apart, but only a little. He scoffed and rolled his eyes. He put his knee between my legs and fell forward, placing his hands on either side of my hips. He kissed the fleshy part of my abdomen, just inside my hip bone. The tip of his tongue moved back and forth, alternating with a circular motion. It tickled in an erotic way. As though he were eating an apple, he scraped his teeth against my skin, as though he were going to take a bite. I drew a deep breath. My hips were already tipping forward. He smiled his wicked grin. His needy hands forcefully gripped my hips, surprising me, causing me to flinch. He softly chuckled against my flesh as his mouth moved over my body.

Kevin’s mouth lightly grazed my clit as he looked up my body and smiled a playful smile. He slid down my body, his tongue gently caressing down the inside of my thigh. The stubble on his face brushed over my skin, scratching, but not in a painful way. His hands pushed my legs further apart as his tongue slowly moved back up my thigh. The closer he got to my aching sex, the more my breath hitched, catching in my throat. His teeth grazed my skin, on the inside of my thigh, just short of my swollen, aching pussy. He gently bit me, sending an interesting rush through my body.

His tongue traveled up my leg, and he gently caressed my engorged lips with the tip. It tickled in such a good way. My breath raced and my heart pounded. I craved his mouth on me.

As though he could read my mind, he pressed his tongue against my sex, pressing against my flesh as he dragged his tongue up my folds. He lifted his head and flashed me his sexy smile.

He lowered his head and started flicking his strong tongue against my clit. He twirled it, feeling like a soft finger massaging my clit. He dragged his tongue over me once again. I felt the soft warmth as he dipped it inside me. He lowered his mouth on my mound, gently sucking on my clit, as his tongue tickled and teased me. He ate my pussy like he was sucking on a juicy apple. I had never had a man make me feel like that. It felt amazing, but I wanted something more. He put his fingers inside me and it was over. My pussy started throbbing and clenching his fingers.

“Kevin! Oh, holy shit! Kevin!”

I tangled my fingers in his hair, pressing his head down on me. The more I responded, the harder he sucked on my clit. I felt like my orgasm was having an orgasm. He had just become the best oral sex I had ever had in my life. I never wanted him to stop. I bucked my hips, forcing myself into his mouth. As my orgasm finished, I realized how much I had elevated my hips. That poor man! Holy shit, he was so good.

As I started to come down, I was sensitive to his touch. He knew. He was having too much fun, watching me flinch. He made a grumbling sound as he moved his body so that he was straddling my hips. He gripped his cock and stroked his hand down his shaft.

“You’ve got me so close,” he breathed.

“That was hot! Do that again.”


“Stroke your cock for me.”

“You like that?”

“You are a bad, bad boy! I love watching you get dirty.”

He raised himself on his knees and slid his hand up and down his hard cock. He massaged his balls and gripped his shaft. The way he touched himself turned me on.

“I want to watch you cum.”

“I’m going to make a mess on you if I get too crazy.”

“Do it. I want to watch.”

Kevin clenched his jaw and started shuffling his hand up and down, massaging his cock, pulling and squeezing. It was sexy as hell. He exhaled through his teeth and I knew he was getting closer. He fell forward, holding his body up on one arm as his body hovered over me. His hand moved faster as he stared at my face.

“It’s coming. Where? Where do you want it?” he breathed as his hand moved faster.

“Cum on my tits. Cum for me, baby!”

“Fuck!” he growled.

I pressed my breasts together. His cock started shooting his seed. He aimed the head, watching as his orgasm erupted across my chest. He released his breath and closed his eyes for a brief moment. As he finished, his eyes glanced down at my tits.

“I’m really sorry. I made a mess on you.”

“That was so fucking hot!”

He sat up, trying to keep from putting his weight on me. He shook his head and combed his fingers through his hair. He smiled at me as his eyes narrowed.

“I thought it over. I’m not the only dirty one. You’re dirty, too! Wanna come take a shower with me?”

Stay tuned! Kevin will be back, again, next Friday!

To Be Continued…


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