Nadlee’s Confessions – Kevin Brought A Little Heat

NOT SAFE FOR WORK (Like they ever are)!

My confession this week is I love sex. I like sexy things. I like flirting. I like naughty laundry. I like that exclusive bond. I like touching and … We all know what we get from sex. I won’t bore you with details you’re already familiar with. This week, I’m in a hurry to tell you about Kevin. But, we get feelings and sensations from sex that we don’t get from any other activity we do. You don’t have an orgasm from sitting. You don’t have an orgasm from eating dinner. You don’t have an orgasm from standing. You don’t get to have one from walking either – though if I could have an orgasm from walking, I’d be walking around the globe, all the time. I’d get some water shoes so I could walk across the oceans. I would be a walking machine. That’s actually a funny thought. Can you imagine seeing someone walking and thinking, “Oh, I know what he/she is doing right now. That dirty rascal!” That would be a humorous world. But, anyway, I digress. My point is, sex is a deliberate activity involving one part of your anatomy that creates a sensation that feels really incredible and you can’t get that feeling from just anything. I like it a great deal. Nympho? Eh! No need to slap a technical term on it. I just like to get my grind on. And, it’s especially fun when there is a man that can make it exciting and fun. No one wants to add sex to a chore list. I don’t get excited by scheduled sex, at all. Unless it’s done in a fun way. “At 9:05, we are going to have sex.” Stupid! “At 9:05, I’m going to be there and I’m about to put the hurt on you.” Sexier. See? I’m looking forward to 9:05. That sounds dangerous and fun.

Anyway, I am having a hard time making my confession fun this week because I have to tell you about Kevin! The last time we talked, Kevin was damn near having a mental breakdown. I was concerned that he was going to bust a spring, or have a stroke, or some other horrible response. Remember? He wasn’t loving that I had turned him into a “porn star.” I could see his point. To be fair, I should’ve told him that he was the featured star in my stories. Is it bad that it just never occurred to me? So, anyway, here we go. Time to get your weekend cranking with the sexy!

After Kevin left, it was quiet. By quiet, I mean he didn’t text, he didn’t call, and he didn’t come visit me on his dinner break. Granted it was the middle of the night before he went in service. But, I didn’t even get a “Good morning!” text, which had become common place. I was afraid he was never going to speak to me again.

I waited until around noon. I wanted to be first on his list for his attention when he was done working. So, I sent him a text message.

Are you still mad?

I waited, clinging to my phone like it was the air I needed to survive. There was nothing. No pinging sounds. No vibrations. Just nothing.

Forty five minutes passed. I was getting antsy because I knew Kevin should have been off work for at least half an hour. His silence was breaking my heart. He was really pissed at me. I was working myself up into defense mode. I decided he was a baby. I changed his name for the story. He was being unreasonable. He could deny any part of the story he wanted and only two people would know what was true and what wasn’t. He was being ridiculous.

Then, there was a knock on my door that would forever change the future of this story. I went to the door and peeped through the peep hole. There he was! I ripped the door open and practically jumped on him. I threw my arms around his neck, hugging him with everything I had. He had a brown paper bag in his hand as he hugged his arms around my waist. He shoved his way inside, pushing me along in his current of movement.

He kicked the door shut and spun me around, pressing me against the door with his body, his rapid breath rushing over my skin as he lowered his mouth to mine. His tongue flicked my lips a few times before it swept past my lips and into my mouth. I was tangled up in a wave of sudden, erotic, lustful passion. His mouth moved from my lips, down my jawline to my neck. He dropped the bag in his hand to the floor. Before I could blink, he gripped my breasts in his hands, squeezing and massaging as his hungry mouth sucked on my neck and my shoulders.

“I missed you,” I offered as I cradled his head in my hand.

He never slowed down. He put his fingers inside the collar of my tank top and ripped his hand down, tearing my shirt, exposing my bare chest. He kissed along my collarbone, and down to my tits. My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath. Cupping my tit in his hand, his tongue circled my pebbled nipple before he took it in his mouth, sucking as he flicked it with his tongue. I felt his teeth against my flesh as he nipped my erect nipple. I felt a flood of heat washing straight to my pussy. My panties were dampening more and more by the second. He sucked on my nipple again, biting down a little harder. This time, he dragged his teeth over it as he moved from one tit to the other. I drew a deep breath from the painful pleasure. His hands squeezed and massaged my tits as his mouth toyed with my aching buds.

He stood up and stared down into my eyes as he pressed the heel of his hand against the wall beside my head. His beautiful blue eyes conveyed exactly what his intentions were. His chest rose and fell as he stared into me.

“Tell me where the limits are,” he snapped.

“What? What limits?” I asked, sincere in my question.

“No limits? Mm, babe! None of you can handle me in a story with no limits.”

I giggled. “Are we telling a story?”

“Nope!” he said as he lowered his head, flicking his tongue across my lips. “It won’t be a story. It will be the truth.”

He pressed his body against mine, pinning me to the wall as his fingers pinched my nipples and tugged at them. A devious smile crossed his face as he stared at me. He had this cocky look in his eyes.

“You better set some boundaries.”

“I’m not scared of you,” I tried to sound brave, swallowing the lump in my throat.

“Uh-huh!” he said as he smirked at me.

He slowly shook his head as his fingers slid down my body to my hips. He put his hands inside the waist of my jeans and without even attempting to undo them, he clenched his jaw and forced them off of my hips. My heart raced as I drew a staggered breath.

“Still not scared?”

“Should I be?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am!” he breathed, nodding, his gaze still focused on me. “Limits?”

“Don’t beat, choke, electrocute, drown or kill me. No strange showers or other…”

“O…K!” His eyes blinked rapidly and his brow furrowed as though he were disgusted. “My limits?” he asked with a sigh. “You tell this story, exactly as it happens. After this story, I do not want any part of our relationship – sexual or otherwise – to be written, unless I get to have a say before it gets put out there. That is a hard limit.”

“I’m really sorry. I…”

“I really don’t care if you’re sorry,” he interrupted. “Do we have an understanding? Yes or no?”


“Good!” he snapped as he dragged his finger along my chin.

His eyes shifted to my shoulders as his hands pushed the torn tank top off of me. His eyes locked on mine again as a devious smile widened his lips. He winked and lowered his body, kneeling in front of me.

He pulled my jeans down the rest of the way and I stepped out of them. His hand raised, pressing against my abdomen, holding me against the door. He brought his mouth to my pussy and started flicking my clit with his tongue. His soft, warm lips caressed me as he kissed my swollen sex. His fingers traced up and down the backside of my calves for a few seconds as his mouth teased me. He pulled my leg, attempting to lift it off the floor. I stood on my other foot and gave in, allowing him to put my leg over his shoulder. His fingers caressed my thigh as he pressed his determined mouth against me, harder than before. I felt his tongue moving in a circular motion as he gently sucked on my pussy. The stubble from his face brushed over my sensitive skin. It felt rougher, wilder and hot as hell. He pressed his hand against my ass, driving my hips forward, forcing my pussy to his mouth and encouraging me to grind against him. I tangled my fingers in his hair, gently pulling as I rocked my hips. Apparently, that did something for him. He started sucking harder and his tongue moved faster. He slapped his hand against my ass, gripping my cheek in his palm, as his fingertips dug into me. I felt my orgasm building. I craved him. I wanted to be filled.

“I want you,” I whispered

He shrugged my leg off his shoulder, grabbed the bag from the floor as he stood and guided me to the back of the sofa. He kissed me, sucking my lower lip into his mouth and gently biting it between his teeth before he released it.

“I’ve got enough condoms for an army,” he said as he waved the bag before tossing it down on the cushions. “And, I’m off for the next seventy-two hours. We can play this game for days.”

He nodded and pursed his lips as he stepped closer to me, staring down into my eyes. He lowered his mouth to my ear. The sound of his quick, shallow breath echoed as it rushed past my ear. Then, he whispered.

“I want to make you want me.” He lifted his head and smiled at me as he winked.

“I already want you,” I reassured him.

“Spread your legs. I wasn’t done.”

He interlaced his fingers in mine and softly kissed me. He released my hand and wedged his body between my legs, nudging them apart. His fingers caressed my pussy as he looked at me and smiled.

“You get so fucking wet.”

Our eyes were locked as he sank a finger inside of my throbbing pussy. That wasn’t what I was craving, and judging from the smirk on his face, he knew that wouldn’t be enough. He buried his finger as deep as it would go and started swirling it in a circle.

“Tell me what you want,” he smiled.

“You know what I want.”

“I know I do. Tell me anyway. You like to talk dirty for everyone else. Do it for me.”

“I want your cock.”

“Mmm. Do you? What do you want with my cock?”

“I want to feel it inside me.”

“Inside where?”

“You need me to tell you?” I giggled. I stared into his eyes and called up every ounce of confidence I could muster. “I want you to take your hard, throbbing cock and fuck my dripping wet pussy. I want you to fuck me hard.”

He smiled his devious smile as he continued fingering me. “So, you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes!” I breathed. Something about his boldness felt intimidating, but exciting.

“What if I want to put my cock up your pretty little ass?” he asked as he gripped my ass with his free hand, squeezing and massaging. “You want me to do that?”

I gasped. “My, my, my! Aren’t we in a mood?”

He hummed his agreement, lowering his head to nuzzle my neck. I raked my fingers through his hair, gently pulling it since that got to him before. His finger kept moving in and out of me as his lips moved over my collarbone again. My breasts rose and fell with my rapid breath. I felt a lump in my throat, again. I tried to choke it down. This fever he was causing drove me insane.

“You’re making me so fucking hard,” he muttered against my skin.

I attempted to reach for his bulge, but he pushed my hand away.

“C’mon, now! I’ll give it to you…when I’m ready.”

I felt another finger slide inside me. His lips kissed my neck as he pumped his hand back and forth. I moaned, wanting him now more than ever. His thumb brushed over my clit and my hips bucked, trying to press against his touch.

“You like that?” he asked in his cocky tone.

“Yes!” I admitted. He knew I did. There was no point in lying.

He withdrew his fingers, dragging them forward, spreading my wetness to my clit. His touch was rough this time. The mood had taken on that wild, primal energy. He pressed the heel of his hand over my clit, pressing against me and rubbing his hand in a circle. His tongue swept between my lips and stroked my tongue.

“Mm, Kevin,” I breathed around our kiss. I felt my orgasm building.

“Don’t cum,” he breathed as he applied more pressure and moved his hand faster.

“You’re going to make me cum.”

He stopped rubbing me and put two fingers on my swollen lips. He squeezed his fingers together, pinching my clit between them. I dug my fingers into his shoulders. With my clit between his fingers, he slowly pulled his hand away. That sensation felt like flashes of pleasure – like lightening, but good lightening. Really good!

“Oh, yeah! I want your cock…right now!”

He smiled as his tongue slid across his lower lip. He squinted and shook his head. “Nah! Not yet.”

“What? You tease! Yes, yet!” I countered, sounding demanding and needy.

His fingers curled around my mound, massaging me, his touch becoming smoother from my wetness. I felt like every part of my existence was centered around my silky, smooth pussy. Kevin had become my life breath and the center of my every desire. I bumped my hips upward, desperately yearning for that moment when the achy craving would be replaced with absolute euphoric contentment. Again, I reached for his crotch, wanting to persuade him to play with me. He didn’t push me away. He hugged his arms around my shoulders, putting his mouth by my ear, again.

“You feel how bad I want you?” he softly asked as I massaged him through his jeans.

He stepped back, dropping his arms off of my shoulders and pushing my hand away from him. He spun me around as though I was a rag doll. His hand slid between my legs, and rubbed my clit. He rested his chest against my back.

“Do you want to add any limits to your list?”

“No,” I answered, smiling at him over my shoulder.

His hands firmly gripped my ass, massaging and spreading my cheeks. His right hand released my cheek and he moved my silky wetness up my crack. Once he had my hole sufficiently lubricated, he pressed his finger against my tight opening. His other hand greedily squeezed and pulled at my other cheek. There was more pressure as his finger pushed a little harder against me. There was a firm pressure just before his finger slowly penetrated my hole.

He drew a deep breath, pulling my ass cheek, watching his finger as he gently slid it in and out of me. I reached behind me, attempting to stroke his cock. He started moving his hand faster. When I moaned, he used his free hand to unfasten his jeans. With one hand, he stroked his cock while he fingered my ass with his other hand.

“Fuck! I can’t wait anymore,” he exhaled.

He took his finger out of me, and in a flash, he pulled his shirt over his head. He pushed his jeans down his hips and stepped closer to me. I felt the tip of his cock teasing my pussy. To my surprise, he quickly thrust inside me, rapidly pumping back and forth a few times. Then, he withdrew himself and guided his cock to my asshole. He teased my opening a few times before he pressed the head of his hard cock against my hole. I gasped and held my breath as I felt him enter me. The way his breath hitched as he sank his cock in deeper, only made it hotter. He was being as gentle as his patience would allow. His hands pulled my cheeks apart, his cock moving in deeper as I bent over the back of the sofa. He backed his hips back a little before driving into me again. He gripped my hips and lowered his body on mine.

“Are you sure you don’t want to add any limits?”

“I’m sure.”

He lifted his body off mine and pumped his hips a few times. His thrusts were gentle and slow, at first, anyway. When he was content that I was ready to go, he started bucking a little more wildly. His hands latched on to my hips and ripping me back into him as he thrust forward. It didn’t take either of us very long to reach orgasm. I reached behind me, digging my fingers into his thighs. I felt his teeth drag over my shoulder, not enough to break skin, but enough to remind me of one thing; he was pissed…and I loved every second of it. It seems that blowing off some steam would’ve settled him down a little. This time, he was different. This time, if I insisted on telling you a story, he intended to make it worth your time. After he nailed me against the back of the sofa, he withdrew himself, slapping his hand against my bare ass. He put his mouth to my ear.

“Just wait. I’ve got all kinds of plans for you.”

He sounded menacing enough. He pushed his body away from mine and I heard him walking away. I spun around to see him walking down the hallway.

“Just where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m going to see how long it takes you to come join me in the shower.”

To be continued…


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