Nadlee’s Confessions

It’s Friday! And, we worked too damn hard to get here to not start this weekend off right. So, you’ve come to expect a little naughty. Well, I refuse to disappoint you. Let’s get naughty! Please remember: Safe,  consensual, and contained – ALWAYS!

Here we go!

My confession for this week: I love it when men have that cocky, smooth, confidence. When they know they have something we want…and they know what to do with it, there is a something magical that happens. There is an art to sex. Two people can share something completely amazing, without ever having taken their clothes off. Soft touches and caresses are sexy. But, I love being touched – and not just physically. So, this week, I’m sharing a fun story that will get a little naughty before it gets continued to next week. (This work is fiction and no Brians, Chris’, Ricks, Mikes, Daves or Kevins were harmed during the creation of this naughty little tale.)   😉

I went to a friend, Lynzee’s, backyard barbecue a while ago. I met this good looking, blonde guy with light blue eyes, and a dimply grin that makes me forget my name. What shall we call him? Brian? Chad? Chris? Mike? Rick? Who cares! We’ll go with Dave! Everybody wants a cool friend named Dave. So, screw it! We’ll just call him, “Kevin.”

Anyway, as I mentioned, I met “Kevin” at my friend, Lynzee’s barbecue. This barbecue started at noon. At two-thirty in the morning, I was trying to convince my friends that I had to go home and sleep. Lynzee and her husband tried to convince all of us to stay over and have a big slumber party. It would’ve been fun, if it weren’t for the fact that I was tired. I had only slept for three hours the night before. Plus, I had just met Kevin and not only was he smart, and funny, but he had a “sexy job.” At six-two, his charming personality, blonde hair, light blue eyes and his dimply grin made him this unbelievable dream come true.

Kevin and I had a day filled with fun and laughter. And, if I’m being honest with this confession, Lynzee and I had discussed that she had a side plan for Kevin and I. Okay! No problem. I decided that I would play along. Kevin had been friends with Lynzee and her husband for about five years and it was just odd that we had never met before. Apparently, we had just passed each other a number of times – near misses, I guess. I digress.

Anyway, I couldn’t spend the night because I really didn’t want to scare this gorgeous man away with my morning self. So, I declined the offer to sleep over. Since I didn’t stay, Kevin decided he would just go home, as well. He walked me out to my car. The two of us had a fun little chat. We had spent so much time talking and laughing throughout the day that it felt like a weeks worth of dates in one day.

As the conversation was taking a turn toward parting, Kevin expressed an interest in getting my phone number. He called my phone and spelled his last name for me so I could save his contact information in my phone, as well.

“C-a-r-s-y-n. Kevin Carsyn,” he smiled.

“Oo! Now I can stalk you on Facebook, too. I know your full name.”

“I’m not on ‘Fakebook.’ That stuff is silly. I’m too old fashioned. I’d rather just talk to people in person. Besides, I have a habit of pissing people off. I probably wouldn’t have any friends there anyway,” he joked.

“I’ll be your friend,” I offered.

He shook his head. “No. I’m not getting on that thing. Do you know how many people’s lives get ruined every day because of some internet buddy game thing? I’d rather just tell someone what I need to say. So, thank you. But, I’d rather have you as a friend in real life. So, you have my number. You can call me and post your messages to my ears. It’ll be fun. It’ll be like the olden days.”

Long story short, he just wanted to talk to people in person or on the phone. Not a guy that was going to sign up for a Facebook account. Fair enough!

I got in my car, he closed the door behind me and I drove away. Over the next few days, we talked and sent text messages. We met up for coffee and we had a beautiful dinner at a tavern-type restaurant that had a pond with cute little ducks on the property. The establishment deliberately served excessive amounts of bread so that when your dinner was done, you could stroll around the pond and feed the ducks. So, we did. That was the first time Kevin and I kissed.

His kiss started out being soft and sweet. But, the longer we kissed, the more I figured out that he would be a lot of fun to “play” with. We made a few laps around the pond, holding hands, feeding ducks, and having a good time.

Due to his work schedule, I wouldn’t get to see him for a couple of days. But, we were able to text, and he called when he could. The second night, he was getting ready to eat dinner and he called to ask if I wanted to meet up with him. He was working, so it wouldn’t be the same as when we were out on our own. But, at least we would get to spend time together.

I sat in the parking lot at the restaurant and after a few minutes, he came pulling up right beside me. It was weird, seeing him dressed for work, rather than in his regular clothes. But, he looked amazingly hot. He sat in his vehicle and talked on the radio for a few minutes before he got out and strolled toward me with a sigh. He hugged me, but it wasn’t his typical hug. He was trying to be professional, but kind to me at the same time.

“I missed you a little,” he smiled.

“I missed you a little, too. And, this…” I said as I motioned to his appearance. “This is hot!”

“Quit it,” he pretended to be serious.

“How have I not seen you before? How have we not met before? Even though I didn’t know you before Lynzee’s barbecue, it just seems like I would’ve noticed you around town.”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I’ve been here.”

We went inside to get a table. It was kind of cool to hang out with him when he was working. People treated us differently. There were all kinds of special exceptions and accommodations being made: a table by the door, a rush on our dinner, extra everything. It was just…different.

I was so taken with the vision in front of me that I couldn’t stop staring. His uniform seemed to make his lips look pinker than normal. His eyes stood out even more than they typically did. But, that mischievous, dimply grin was a contradiction to his attire. I wanted him!

He cocked his head to the side as he looked into my eyes. “What?” he smiled. “I see you thinking. What are you thinking about?”

“I’m trying to behave myself,” I smiled.

“Is there something I can do to help?”

“This is hard. I want to do naughty things to you.”

His eyes trained on mine as his finger moved back and forth over his jawline, making a brushing sound against the stubble. He rested his finger along his cheekbone, propping his head on his thumb. Lust filled the space between us as his cool, blue eyes fixed on mine. He smiled and shook his head. He sighed and his tone softened.

“You’ve got me in a really bad place at the moment.”

“Do I?”

He scoffed and nodded his head. “Yes, ma’am, you do.”

“What time do you get off, again?”

“Six in the morning.”

“And you can be at my house at what time?”

“Probably ten after.”

“So, you wanna do that?”

His eyebrows arched and he tilted his head. “I’m only as serious as you are.”

I smiled. “Then, I will see you at six-ten.”

“It’s going to be a long night.”

“Then, I’ll just have to make it extra worth it, huh?”

“You better rest up.”

Our conversation was interrupted when the server set the food on the table in front of us. As soon as she put the plate in front of Kevin, a squelch came over his radio. He leaned his head over so he could listen. He grumbled as he stood and took his wallet out of his back pocket. He put some money on the table and rolled his eyes.

“I gotta go. I’m sorry.”

He turned and started for the door. On his way out, some elderly gentleman stopped him and shook his hand. Kevin was polite, as far as I could tell. He quickly excused himself and went out the door. The server came back to the table and pointed to the empty seat with a questioning look on her face.

“Where did he go?”

“They called him on the radio.”

“Bless his heart. Do you know that happens just about every time he stops in. Do you have a way to get this to him? I’ll box it up for him.”

“Uh, sure! Would you mind boxing this one, too?”

The woman was very kind and she worked as quickly as she could. After she had everything boxed and bagged, I went to my car and sent a text, letting Kevin know the waitress had boxed his dinner for him. I told him I would take it to my house, unless he wanted me to bring it to him. I got no reply.

About two hours later, I was sitting on the couch, snuggled under my fuzzy, cuddly blanket and I heard three soft knocks on the door. I peered through the peep hole. Then, I practically ripped the door down, opening it so I could hug the handsome man on the other side. He stepped inside, kissing me as he gently pushed the door shut behind him. I threw my arms around his neck.

“This is a surprise,” I beamed when we broke our kiss.

“I should’ve called first. But, I didn’t want to call you and then get called out and have to call and cancel. So, I took a chance.”

“You’re here. That’s all I care about,” I smiled. “Are you hungry? You have dinner in the fridge.”

“Maybe in a little bit. I can take that with me. I can’t take you with me.”

“I could sit on your lap,” I teased.

“It sounds fun, in theory. So, I heard you were naked.”

“You didn’t hear that.”

“No, I didn’t. But, don’t let that stop you. Get as naked as you want. I’ll wait,” he played as he hugged me to him.

“Is it six, yet?”

He sneered. “Not yet. But, I was thinking…”

His mouth covered mine and he pressed his tongue into my mouth. His hand slid down my waist and to my hip. He fought with the tail of my t-shirt, trying to slide his hand under it and inside the waist of my yoga pants.

I pulled my head back to look at him. He smiled and winked at me as his hand moved lower inside my pants. I drew a deep breath as I felt his fingers brush over the thin fabric between my skin and his. When his fingers felt the dampness of my panties, he drew a breath through his teeth.

He let out a soft moan as he lowered his mouth to mine, again. As his tongue plunged into my mouth, his fingers skimmed over my panties, teasing my aching mound.

“I want to make you cum,” he whispered.

I drew a deep breath. “Oh, holy shit!”

He put his hand inside my panties and his fingers moved over my bare skin. His tongue brushed over mine as he tickled my sex, making me want him even more. The tip of his finger dipped inside me as he curled his digits. His warm, heavy breath rushed past my ear as he kissed me with every ounce of passion he had within him. His fingers swept over my opening once more, before I felt his fingers enter me. I softly hummed a moan as he sucked my lower lip, gently biting it between his teeth. His mouth moved over my cheek and to my neck. As his fingers pumped in and out of me, his soft, warm lips skimmed over my neck. I could feel his respiration coming in waves as the heat of his breath rushed over my skin. His mouth moved to my ear, nibbling and sucking on my earlobe.

His breath carried his soft voice to my ear. “I want to fuck you.”

His words, his fingers, his breath, his mouth on my skin…it was all too much to resist. My body started clenching and releasing his fingers as he drilled them in and out of me. As my orgasm started, he wound his hand in my hair and gently tugged my head back, his eyes scanning my face before his tongue flicked at my lips. His tongue flitted through the hollow of my mouth, gently brushing over my tongue, then leaving again. He sucked on my lips as the pulsing between my legs started to lessen, slowing and weakening. I gripped his arm, resting my forehead against his shoulder. My legs felt inoperable as we stood just inside the door.

“Tomorrow morning, I’m coming back through that door and I want you to do that to my cock.”

****To be continued 10/23/2015****


Get Your Naughty On!

So, before we go too far, you should know that I’m taking the white gloves off and these posts WILL contain adult content. I’m an erotica writer. It’s what I do. I like to rev you up and get your sexually charged and amped up. Why? Because I’m Naughty Nadlee – that’s why. 😉

As your favorite Naughty Nadlee (I get to be your favorite because I also happen to be the only – to my knowledge, anyway.), it is most important to me that you understand I am a huge fan of safe sex – in every facet. I do not subscribe to, nor do I promote or encourage promiscuity. The human body is an art form, but the soul that dwells within is beyond measure and should never be sacrificed for any physical act. So, always – clean, safe, consensual, and contained.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to comment or do roll call to let me know you were here – but, more importantly, to let Semper Press know you were here so they don’t think I’m too over the top and kick me off the mic. Ready for some fun?

Oral sex Friday! Here we go! Ok! Let’s imagine…

You’re naked, lying on a bed. The sateen sheets beneath you almost feel like silk against your skin. The air around you has a crispness, causing goose bumps on your skin and your nipples to harden. There is a slight hint of a sweet scent, like a candy – maybe vanilla? Your legs are spread to allow for the person with that mouth that you just can’t get enough of. There is a rhythmic, warm breath drifting over your skin as the curled tip of a soft, warm tongue glides, ever so gently – tickling and teasing. You flinch when the tongue sweeps over a sensitive spot. The sensation excites you, and every nerve responds to the attention. It feels like some kind of pleasurable static as the tingles travel through your core like flashes of lightening.

Your breath quickens and your heart beats faster – you thrill to every tingling touch of this tongue. Your sex is swollen and aching. You raise yourself on your elbows and look down to see a primal desire in those eyes that are staring back at you. Those eyes reflect a want – a need – to satisfy you. That tongue slips past a wicked grin as it grazes your skin again. It is playful for the moment, only teasing and making you crave more. You want so much more.

You lift your hips, begging for that mouth to cover you – to consume you. Not yet! Your lover is having too much fun knowing they hold the key to everything you want. There’s a smile as your eyes lock. Your lover knows exactly what you want. And finally, they take mercy, quickly lowering their mouth on you. It is a quick flash of suction – like a sneak peek of the pleasure to come. Wet, soft and warm – it is enough for you to know you want more. You need more.

You feel teasing circles and caresses. The tongue brushes over your sex, again, this time with more pressure. It’s like a warm hug. It feels good. That’s more like it! Not that the soft caresses were bad. But, the tease has left an ache, a lust, a hunger that wants to be fed. You spread your legs wider and rake your fingers through your lover’s hair as the pressure and intensity increase. You gently buck your hips, encouraging and welcoming an oral assault on your anatomy. Fuck! You feel every little touch, every little wisp of breath – everything. Your very existence feels second to the sensations you feel between your legs as that soft tongue drags over your skin once again. Your swollen sex is cradled in the soft, tender warmth of the lips as the mouth begins sucking on your flesh. At first, it is gentle, but only for a moment. Your lover knows how to get you right where they want you. The suction increases, coming in waves as the tongue caresses you. You tangle your fingers in your lover’s hair, fighting the urge to pull their head down onto you. It feels amazing and you’re so in love with everything you feel in this moment.

You watch your lover’s head, moving back and forth, wanting nothing more than to please you. The stroking, petting, sucking and licking is paying off. You hear the heavy breath that matches your own. It turns you on to see how willing someone could be to please you. You feel like your body is about to rupture, you want to cum so damn bad. Then, you feel teeth graze you…And again.

You feel a hand beneath, fondling. Something about the hand and the mouth pleasuring you creates a ripple of sensations – all amazing in their own right. But, it is as though each sensation is sparring to be the one that pushes you over the edge. You feel it! You’re going to explode in the mouth of the beautiful person between your legs.

You warn them. “I’m going to cum!”

As though you screamed, “Harder,” you have now encouraged your lover, resulting in a moan and an animalistic frenzy to give you exactly what is needed to force your orgasm.

You draw a deep breath and hold it as that moment comes. Pulses of pleasure surge through your body, as you finally exhale – your exiting breath carrying some hummed sound of approval. You no longer have the ability to restrain yourself from pulling that head down onto you. It feels too good, and the gratification means too much to worry about manners. Your body is tense to the point that every muscle is taut, an involuntary primal response to the pleasure you feel. Your lover refuses to stop now, lapping up everything you’re giving. Then, as the ripples of ecstasy begin to slow and your body starts to relax, your lover moans, pleased with your response. Realizing they have done exactly what they wanted to do for you, your lover gives soft kisses and licks, helping to insure you make it back down to earth safely and that your pleasure lasts as long as possible. The tongue draws soft, teasing circles, massaging and caressing.

Isn’t that how all of this started?

What is my point with this post, you may be wondering? You probably noticed I wasn’t gender specific. Had I gone that route, I would’ve needed to write two posts this week. But, why would I need to do that? Essentially, men and women enjoy a lot of the same things during oral sex.

I was listening to “Cowboy” by Kid Rock one day and in the particular version I listened to, he said, “My only words of wisdom is – suck it!” For a minute, I wondered which gender he was sharing that “wisdom” for. Then, I realized that it really didn’t matter. It goes both ways.

So, anyway, back to my point with this particular post – this is very basic without a lot of fluff. Had I added too much fluff, we’d be back to needing two posts. Why separate the men from the ladies? At the core, we all want it the same way. So, as you go into your weekend, I hope I’ve planted naughty little seeds in your rows of plans. I hope something I wrote here has inspired you to go get your naughty on and to have some fun this weekend.

P.S. For those that need specific gender address – When men are “sucking it,” and the fingers go in, it’s just about impossible not to “react” to that. When women are “sucking it,” don’t forget the two friends that hang around with that dick all day. I’m not a man, so I have no idea how that feels. But, I’ve seen enough to know that they don’t seem to mind that one little bit.

We’ll do this again (only something entirely different) next Friday. Until then, stay naughty, my friends!


– Your Favorite –

Naughty Nadlee

Was – Not Was – To Never Was Again…

So, here’s the thing…

I have a problem. A lot of people have problems, right? My problem is serious, considering my chosen profession. I have “Passive Voice Syndrome” (I just made this up, so I’m also going to make up the acronym, PVS, while I’m at it.).

Now, before we go into that too much, you all know that female + something that starts with a “P,” has three letters and ends in an “S” is bad news. This is not a condition that you can pop a pill and get over. There is no amount of consumed water that will flush this out. It’s just a condition that you have to overcome. It’s maddening, quite honestly.

I’m not a writer that sits down and outlines, or plans anything I write. I sit down and the words just come through my fingers. I’m very lucky, in that way. However, my weakness is the word…one three-letter word…”was.”


He was standing by the world’s largest yarn ball. His wife was wearing her foil hat with the lightening rod, as he was standing by the world’s biggest ball of yarn. So, it was decided that she was going to climb to higher ground before the thunderstorm moved in. He was watching her walk away, and was wondering if maybe he should stop her. He was certain that the flashes of lightening would be a bad combination with her foil hat with the lightening rod. He was preparing to stop her. But, he was so frustrated that he was willing to let her learn it for herself. What a guy!

(*Note – In no way, shape, form or fashion do I find this story to be quality work. I have exaggerated my point for demonstration purposes. However, I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make.)

I’ve been grounded!

I am no longer allowed to type the word “was.” I’ve gone stupid. I can’t type a story without it. So, my question has become, how do people write without thinking that word first?

When I go back and read the places I’ve used the word “was,” it annoys the soup of out of me. It’s annoying to read. I want to break this habit. “Was” is my addiction. I hate it. I know it’s ruining my life. But, I can’t say “no” when it comes up. How do other writers think in a way that avoids this demon, “Was?” How do you retrain your brain to hear something entirely different? Why do I have to have “PVS?” What have I done to deserve this?

So, seeing as how “was” is my nemesis, I’m staring at edits. I read it and I cringe. But, what makes this happen? Why is this evil word the one I cling to first? How do others live in the same world I do, without “was” being so automatic?

This is an addiction, maybe? Is it a sickness? I know this is a demon that I must exorcise in order to live a happy life. But, when that old friend – my security blanket, of sorts – comes knocking, how do I slam the door and walk away. I can’t be the only writer that struggles with this. So, who else is in this boat, in this creek? How do you get around it? And, I know there are also those amazing writers that know how to tame “Was.” How do I get to be a “Was Buster” like you? I want to beat this “PVS” and never look back. How do I get there?

After-Action Report From Day 1 Of The Pitch Party, Etc.


Yesterday Semper Press announced in no uncertain terms that we’re capturing the eyes and ears of the writing world. 11 brave authors stepped up to the mic and put out the first lines of their manuscripts for public consumption as part of our 72-hour Semper Press First Three Lines Pitch Party! With so many great submissions already, we’re excited to see what will happen as more authors throw in their contributions. I confess to already having some favorites among the entries we’ve seen, but there will be plenty of time to sort all that out once the dust settles on Thursday evening, when we announce those who were chosen to submit first chapters or the full manuscript. You can’t win if you don’t play, so please spread the word and let people know about your submissions if you’ve already put in!

In other news, Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake just finished up the first cover for Semper Press. I’m particularly excited about this, because I love the message the format sends about our brand. I think it’s unique, bold and clearly distinctive from anything else on the market, which of course is what Semper Press is all about! In addition to her duties as staff cover artist, Carey will be taking on some of the promotional and outreach responsibilities as our Communications Director, for which I’m grateful on a number of levels, not least of which because it gives me more time to work on the back-end infrastructure that is going to make Semper a legitimate force to be reckoned with in the publishing world.

Thinking of this: Today is the last day for our Indiegogo campaign! We’ve come a long way, but we have still a long way to go. If you have a couple of bucks you can spare to help us on our way, we’d really appreciate any assistance you can give. Spread the word, folks…because today’s the day we make history!

Everyone have a wonderful and productive Tuesday, and we’ll talk soon.


J.S. Wayne

Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder

Semper Press

How To Avoid The Dreaded Query Letter (Legitimately!)

Note: All the images in this post take you other places. Click to find out where they go!

Conventional wisdom says you have to have a query letter. It’s just one of the “Thou Shalt”s of the publishing industry. Generally speaking, we like query letters because we want to know a little about you, your writing style and your manuscript first. It’s also a good way to weed out people who can’t follow instructions. Still, though, too many people in the business place WAY too much emphasis on these things. Every author says, “Sure, I’ll write a query letter!” and then walks away mumbling darkly under his/her breath about pacts with Satan and nursing grim thoughts of setting one’s manuscript on fire before settling down to a job that requires no words at all. EVER.

Wouldn’t it be great if you just didn’t even have to mess with a query letter and have a shot at getting your manuscript read without jumping through the extra hoop?

Query letter

At Semper Press, we’re all about doing things differently than anyone else. Conventional wisdom got the industry into the mess it’s in, so why not try something new? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing starting this Monday at 6pm Eastern!

During our First Three Lines Pitch Party, you can put up the first three sentences of your completed manuscript for us to look over. If we like it, we’ll ask you to submit the first chapter with NO QUERY LETTER REQUIRED! Even better, the first three lines that get the most visitor likes will be asked to submit the full manuscript, bypassing two layers of the vetting process and giving you a better chance at a contract with Semper Press. It’s only on for three days, from September 21st-24th, so get your first three lines polished and ready.

ManuscriptThis is what most publishers would say.

Semper says, “Sure…why not?” And from Monday until Thursday, we’re going to prove it. Just go here starting at 6pm Eastern on Monday and put in your three sentences, and then be sure to check out the work of the other authors as well! You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time, and there could be a contract worth 65% royalties in it for you just for a quick copy and paste. The party’s going on at our Facebook page, so be sure to like, share, tell everyone you’re attending and pass the word that they’re welcome too. We look forward to seeing you and your work, and hope you’ll be the next author we offer a contract to!

So Many Ways To Fall In Love

by Nadlee Thims

As I shuffle through the airport, I hear my heels, clopping on the faux marble flooring. There is a rhythm to my steps. There is gritty, thundering hum as I drag my wheeled bag behind me. I become so involved with the sound of this odd musical noise I’m creating that I fail to realize – there’s a whole world happening around me. I am quickly reminded of this fact when a handsome man with tattoos on his arms steps into my course of travel, abruptly interrupting my rhythm as we bounce off of each other.

He’s embarrassed and grips my arms to steady me. He nods and smiles, politely offering, “Excuse me. Are you okay? I’m sorry about that.”

“You’re fine,” I answer.

I knew exactly what I meant. He was fine! We step around each other and continue on our journey through life, which leads us in opposing directions. As I strive to restore my previous rhythm, I look over my shoulder to peek at the man once more. To my surprise, he’s looking at me, to the point that he’s walking backwards. I smile, toss my hair over my shoulder and away I go! Another town is awaiting my arrival.

Smiling and reliving the encounter, I attempt to board the plane. The pilot is pleasantly smiling, greeting his passengers. A woman that insists her two hundred pound bag is going to fit in a spot that would be a tight fit for a ten-pound bag halts my effort to get to my seat. So, I wait.

The pilot strikes up some empty conversation with me. He’s attractive in some way that I can’t identify. So, I chat with him, trying to figure out what it is about him. Then I see it. It’s truth. That’s what it is! In his eyes, his intentions are true. He’s not trying to do anything more than to keep me from being annoyed by the stuffy, humidity pouring through the hatch door, as I wait for “Miss Luggage Lady” to figure out the physical improbability of what she thinks she’s going to do. I appreciate his efforts, but this woman is grating on all of our nerves.

Then, the pilot does the cutest thing. He hopelessly drops his chin to his chest, glaring from under the brim of his hat at the woman that is stalling us all. He scratches his forehead with his thumbnail and chuckles as he shakes his head and drops his hand to his side in frustration. But, by now, the pilot and I – we’re friends. We’ve got a common problem. So, he cuts his eyes over at me and smirks as he mutters, “I’m about to bounce her ass right off this plane.” Truth!


Funny mental image aside, this beautiful human being is filled with truth. I’m in love! Not in a trip down the aisle, kind of way, but, in a “real,” “relatable” way.

Finally, I get to “level up” and advance to my seat. I’m dragging my bag down the aisle. I prepare to lift my luggage to put in the overhead compartment. From across the aisle, a bulky man with a cowboy hat and a blue and white plaid shirt tucked into his blue jeans, reaches down, grips the handle and lifts the bag over my head, raising it to the luggage bin.

“Lemme help you with that,” he insists in a southern accent as he flashes me a kind, dimply smile.

My luggage isn’t all that heavy. I’m only on a weekend trip, this time. Realizing it was a light load, he laughs at himself. He smiles shyly as he looks down at me.

“I bet you coulda handled that one, huh?”

I try not to laugh, shaking my head. “Wow! I’d probably still be fighting that thing to lift it up there.”

“Yeah! Uh-huh,” his return is sarcastic, as he smiles a flirty smile.

Anyway, now, I have made a buddy for the flight. We sit across the aisle from each other. He tells me that he’s on his way to save his little sister from a domestic complication. He cracks a few jokes about the guy she ran away from home with. Then, he asks me why I’m traveling. I explain that I’m an author and I have promotional responsibilities. Naturally, he asks what I write.cowboy

“I’m ‘Naughty Nadlee,’ if that tells you anything.”

He thinks it over for a second. Then, a flirty smile crosses his face. Excitedly, he turns in his seat to look at me.

“Hey! I used to try to tell people that I only read those magazines for the articles. For some reason, no one believes me. Y’all write some good stuff in those articles.”

“No, no! Sorry! I don’t write those articles. I write books.”

“Oh! Ok! You write them dirty books? Well, I’m about sick of articles, anyway. Maybe I could just read your stuff, instead,” he laughed. “Hey! How do I get my hands on your books anyway?”

Long story short, he’s waiting in line, with the rest of you, for the release of Mr. Montgomery. He was excited and his energy and enthusiasm was inspirational. All of these events were inspirational.

By the time the plane lands, I have fallen in love three different times in about two hours. Not in a wedding bell kind of way, mind you, but in that “real,” “relatable” way.

So, when I get to the hotel and I sit with my computer, there are so many options for what I could do with these experiences. I could forget them and go on with my life. I could immortalize these people and turn them into characters in one of my books. Or, I could capture them here, to share these experiences with you. Why? I’ll explain in just a moment.

Some people paint beautiful pictures. But, some people take photographs when something moves them. Some people construct some beautiful, elaborate scrapbooks. Some people build things, or sew something, or…or…or… And, we’re all thankful for how people relay what they see as beautiful because the rest of us get to reap the benefits of the way they relay that beauty.

Me? I save those feelings and experiences until I can drop them on my computer screen in a form that I can share with you. What do I want out of this experience? I want to entertain you. I want to write the words you can’t stop reading. I want to create responses within you (…yeah!). This is my passion! Writing is my passion. Entertaining all of you is my passion. I put it out there so you can reap the benefits. This is how I relay the way I see the beauty of the world.

Finding my outlet for how I do this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I can’t wait until I find myself, kicking around on those best sellers lists. That will mean more than money, or fame. That will mean that I did my job and I did it well! That will mean that I succeeded in my attempt to relay to you, the way I see beauty!

I appreciate that you took the time to read this. When you started this, you heard me walking through the airport, dragging my luggage, I’m sure. You ran into that man with me. That pilot, you and me – we’re all buddies, now, aren’t we? And, that cowboy from across the aisle – wasn’t he cute? And, me? You’ve learned that I fall in love – with all of you – a lot.

If I’m right, then I’ve accomplished my first goal. If I can intentionally make you feel something, I am accomplishing my purpose. If you felt those things, I’ve shown you what I’m capable of, and that was just short paragraphs. With that in mind, please remember that I’ve written an erotica novel. An entire novel! That’s a whole lot of paragraphs. Just wait until you see what I make you feel with that one! Mr. Montgomery is…coming!

Nadlee’s first novel, Mr. Montgomery, is slated for release in early February 2016 through Semper Press.

Startup E-Publisher Signs Local Author

***For Immediate Release***

September 11, 2015

Media Contact:

J.S. Wayne

Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder

Semper Press

Redlands, CA—Startup e-book publisher Semper Press announced Friday that local writer Nadlee Thims has now become Semper’s first contracted author. Thims’s erotic romance novel, Mr. Montgomery, was accepted for publication shortly after Semper Press opened its doors to submissions.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Nadlee to Semper Press,” said J.S. Wayne, Semper’s self-described Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder, from the company’s Utah headquarters. “As the first author to sign with Semper, she’s setting a very high bar for those who follow her. Mr. Montgomery was a genuine pleasure to read in draft form, and is a great, fun, sexy read that I’m very eager to see on the shelves and in the hands of readers.”

Thims said, “Mr. Montgomery was an idea that came to me based on my feeling that a lot of erotica is missing the fun, flirty element of a relationship. We want the sexy, but why can’t we have the sexy and a solid story line? This book was designed to cater to those that enjoy a steamy, sexy story, but want the cuddle afterwards. Mr. Montgomery is our gentleman in the streets and the freak in our bed, to flip the old cliche.”

According to Thims, her manuscript isn’t the only thing setting a high bar at Semper. “Semper Press won my trust almost instantly. The submission process is amazing! You get three rounds, each complete with a score card and comments on your [query letter], writing sample [and] manuscript. You can tell the editor actually took the time to read your product, based on the comments. You feel important and it’s not like being a mass number.”

Doing things differently than any other publisher is engrained in the company’s DNA, said Wayne. “We wanted everything we do to set us apart. Our company mission statement is that ‘Authors and readers deserve better!’ and we try to prove that right from minute one, because as an author myself I know how frustrating it is to get a form rejection with no idea what went wrong or how to fix it. I’m confident that our system is the best in the business, and that the authors we ultimately sign will deserve the 65% royalty share we offer.”

Regarding Semper’s manuscript vetting process, Thims said, “It feels very personal and the editor is very straightforward, but in a fun, jovial kind of way. Semper Press is perfect for me, based on the fact that the editor gets that we are all more than just a faceless stack of paper.”

Semper is currently in first-round crowdfunding through its campaign, and is seeking manuscripts from authors of all experience levels. Wayne said that despite the company’s early developmental stage, the decision to proceed with accepting submissions was not premature or made lightly.

“Everything we’re doing right now looks like madness according to conventional industry wisdom,” Wayne said. “But with every submission we receive, we get an opportunity to make a believer out of one more author. Now is the time to make sure everything we do really delivers on what we promise, and the only way to do that is to test the system in action. It’s easy to make refinements at this stage, but much harder and more problematic to retool when you try to switch gears with an established brand. Based on Nadlee’s feedback, I’m confident we’re on the right track and excited to see how the next stage goes.”

As of press time, Mr. Montgomery is anticipated to release in mid-February through Semper Press.

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