Semper Press Bookstore

SEFinalCoverFBI Agent Lyric Van Buren is on the trail of a serial killer with a bizarre, ritualistic MO. Every body she sees haunts her nightmares and taunts her waking hours. Lyric is determined to bring the murderer to justice, but mortal justice alone will not do.

Craigen was cast down from Heaven for failing in his duty. Now he has been given a chance to make amends by serving as the hand of Judgment for the demon Nyx, whose excesses have aroused the attention and wrath of the mortal and heavenly realms alike. Lyric tests his resolve and his rekindled angelic capabilities to their breaking point, but he is determined he will not fail this time. Unfortunately for Craigen, even an angel’s heart is not immune to the allure of desire…but the price he and Lyric may pay for indulging could be no more or less than another human life.

Coming February 2016 from Semper Press.


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