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September 11, 2015

Media Contact:

J.S. Wayne

Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder

Semper Press

Redlands, CA—Startup e-book publisher Semper Press announced Friday that local writer Nadlee Thims has now become Semper’s first contracted author. Thims’s erotic romance novel, Mr. Montgomery, was accepted for publication shortly after Semper Press opened its doors to submissions.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Nadlee to Semper Press,” said J.S. Wayne, Semper’s self-described Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder, from the company’s Utah headquarters. “As the first author to sign with Semper, she’s setting a very high bar for those who follow her. Mr. Montgomery was a genuine pleasure to read in draft form, and is a great, fun, sexy read that I’m very eager to see on the shelves and in the hands of readers.”

Thims said, “Mr. Montgomery was an idea that came to me based on my feeling that a lot of erotica is missing the fun, flirty element of a relationship. We want the sexy, but why can’t we have the sexy and a solid story line? This book was designed to cater to those that enjoy a steamy, sexy story, but want the cuddle afterwards. Mr. Montgomery is our gentleman in the streets and the freak in our bed, to flip the old cliche.”

According to Thims, her manuscript isn’t the only thing setting a high bar at Semper. “Semper Press won my trust almost instantly. The submission process is amazing! You get three rounds, each complete with a score card and comments on your [query letter], writing sample [and] manuscript. You can tell the editor actually took the time to read your product, based on the comments. You feel important and it’s not like being a mass number.”

Doing things differently than any other publisher is engrained in the company’s DNA, said Wayne. “We wanted everything we do to set us apart. Our company mission statement is that ‘Authors and readers deserve better!’ and we try to prove that right from minute one, because as an author myself I know how frustrating it is to get a form rejection with no idea what went wrong or how to fix it. I’m confident that our system is the best in the business, and that the authors we ultimately sign will deserve the 65% royalty share we offer.”

Regarding Semper’s manuscript vetting process, Thims said, “It feels very personal and the editor is very straightforward, but in a fun, jovial kind of way. Semper Press is perfect for me, based on the fact that the editor gets that we are all more than just a faceless stack of paper.”

Semper is currently in first-round crowdfunding through its campaign, and is seeking manuscripts from authors of all experience levels. Wayne said that despite the company’s early developmental stage, the decision to proceed with accepting submissions was not premature or made lightly.

“Everything we’re doing right now looks like madness according to conventional industry wisdom,” Wayne said. “But with every submission we receive, we get an opportunity to make a believer out of one more author. Now is the time to make sure everything we do really delivers on what we promise, and the only way to do that is to test the system in action. It’s easy to make refinements at this stage, but much harder and more problematic to retool when you try to switch gears with an established brand. Based on Nadlee’s feedback, I’m confident we’re on the right track and excited to see how the next stage goes.”

As of press time, Mr. Montgomery is anticipated to release in mid-February through Semper Press.

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***For Immediate Release***

September 9, 2015

Media Contact:

J.S. Wayne

Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder

Semper Press

Local Artist, Writer Signs With Startup Publisher Semper Press

Joshua, Texas—Semper Press announced Wednesday that local e-book cover artist and romance author Carey Abbott has contacted with the startup publisher as their Staff Cover Artist. Abbott, a veteran cover artist, is the owner of Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services, which facilitates virtual tours for authors seeking to promote their work. J.S. Wayne, the company’s self-described Chief Executive Grand High Cat Herder, says having Abbott on the company roster is a huge coup.

“Carey has a very strong reputation in the industry as a freelance cover artist and blog tour organizer,” Wayne said Wednesday from the company’s St. George, Utah headquarters. “We are thrilled to have her aboard and believe her artistic and promotional talents will be a huge asset to Semper as we begin to market our company and authors across the Internet.”

Semper Press’s unconventional business model, which offers authors an industry-topping 65% royalties on gross profits, required someone equally unconventional and willing to take chances, Wayne said. “Carey’s ability to organize blog tours around New York Times-bestselling authors, her design skills and her willingness to step forward and take on more varied roles than many traditional cover artists typically would all combine to make her the obvious candidate for the job.” Abbott’s starting role in the company will primarily revolve around cover art creation, Wayne said, but she and the company have discussed the possibility of expanding her position as the company’s overall marketing strategist. “We’re confident that within a quarter, we’ll be in a position to revisit Carey’s position within the company and offer her a more stable permanent posting,” Wayne added.

The company is currently undergoing a first round of crowdfunding through in order to finance its initial operations. The crowdfunding campaign lasts through September 22nd, and funds generated from the campaign are earmarked to help pay for expenditures such as advertising and outreach to readers and authors, as well as the initial salaries of the editorial and artistic staff during the company’s start-up phase. Wayne says that despite this, he does not feel the decision to sign Abbott was premature.

“When you’re starting something as potentially disruptive as Semper, you have to be crazy enough to take chances that seem unthinkable,” said Wayne. “Carey sees this company having as much potential as I do, and at this stage her belief alone is worth an armored carload of money. I believe that with her vision and capacity for organization, this company’s going to do some very surprising things.”

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Semper Press Announces IndieGoGo Campaign, 65% Royalties

St. George, UT – On August 23 2015, erotic romance author J.S. Wayne officially announced the launch of the IndieGoGo campaign for his startup e-publishing house, Semper Press. Semper, which means “always” in Latin, is the result of Wayne’s recent acquisition of a defunct publishing house, Pinewood Press.

“Semper Press is constructed along a model that is friendlier to authors and readers than anything anyone else in the industry is currently offering,” says Wayne. “We emphasize royalty and contract terms that recognize authors as the source of our product and for the hard work they put in before, during and after publication. In addition we want to make our books as accessible and affordable as possible to readers while delivering quality in every facet of production comparable or superior to anything they can get from Big 6 Publishing.”

Semper Press is currently a romance-only venue, but Wayne expects to add horror, fantasy, speculative and contemporary fiction to Semper’s offerings under the aegis of various Semper imprints within 24 months from initial launch. He anticipates that transparent pricing and internal publishing practices will set Semper apart from any other small e-press currently on the market, as well as attracting authors with larger fan bases. Semper’s standard contract for authors offers 65% of gross on e-books purchased directly from Semper and 65% of net on e-books sold through third-party etailers such as Amazon, Apple and Kobo.

For readers, all books will be priced at $.99 for stories of 5,000-20,000 words; $2.99 for stories of 20,001-60,000 words; and $4.99 for anything above 60,000 words. Semper is currently in negotiations with a number of well-known romance cover artists, including Fiona Jayde, and is interviewing a number of reputable editors within the field to assure the highest possible quality at every stage of pre- and postproduction.

“When you treat authors like they are disposable and don’t give them the support they need to be successful at every step, you will inevitably end up with disposable authors and a disposable product,” says Wayne. “There’s simply no way around that. Semper’s vision is to take less, give more, and prioritize rewarding authors and readers over huge short-term company profits that ultimately lead nowhere. I believe this is a winning strategy for everyone concerned and will make Semper a legitimate competitor in the industry right from the first release, as well as a house to watch for the long haul.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including credits for ebooks, magnets, T-shirts, signed author swag and the chance to sign up for Semper’s exclusive “Slush-Pile Angels” program, allowing readers to save one book a week from the dreaded slush pile and giving authors another chance at the publishing process.


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