“Authors and readers deserve better!”

This is Semper Press’s vision and driving force. “Semper” means “always” in Latin, and this logic and ethos is built into everything we do. We always place authors and readers first with simple, transparent, favorable terms and reads that are comparable or superior in every aspect to the best of small e-publishing and Big 6 alike. By placing the interests of readers and authors above profits, Semper Press intends to become a go-to destination for readers and authors alike by offering genuine value to both camps. Semper is the creation of J.S. Wayne, a veteran erotic romance author who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of both small press and self-publishing.

Semper Press is not a vanity or subsidy publisher and NEVER charges authors for reading, editing, cover art , releasing, promotional efforts or any of our contractual services. PERIOD.


This is what most publishers think authors deserve. It's also what Semper thinks the publisher deserves!
This is what most publishers think authors deserve. It’s also what Semper thinks the publisher deserves!

Our standard contract of 65% with a commitment of only one year from date of publication is unique in the industry and shows how highly we value our authors. We start with the rigorous three-step vetting process of a query letter, the first chapter, and then the finished manuscript. Our marketing plan is simple, direct and straightforward and offers authors more up-front and back-end promotional support than the competition, from the date of contract signing all the way through the lifetime of the book. Finally, our 65% split of gross royalties from our website and 65% of net from third parties makes Semper’s author terms the best in the industry, bar none. We know without authors, we have no product, so it’s in our best interests to take care of our authors first and foremost and show them we really value them and their choice to publish with and thereby invest in us.


Readers want a great read that looks professional and comes to them at a fair price. That’s not asking so much, is it? At Semper Press, we don’t think so! We believe listening to readers is the best way to ensure we stay relevant and give readers what they want. One of the ways we’re doing this is with our “Slush-Pile Angels” program, which lets readers take an active hand in the publishing process by choosing one manuscript each week to save from the slush pile. Another way is by engaging the best editors and cover artists in the business to help us ensure the best possible e-books both in terms of writing and in the production and presentation values we espouse.

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